DuBoLoGy also appears in differents compilations

covers x3

Paproota Dub Compilation – vol 3 (2013) => en.paproota.org/?page_id=696
« By this release we would like to set one direction for diversity, as well as to sow one seed of dub in thousands of your ears. »
DuBoLoGy – Running Dub

Paproota Dub Compilation – vol 2 (2012) => en.paproota.org/?page_id=40
« There are tracks, which we have listened for the last couple of months hundreds times, and despite their difference of origin and styles, we have found them coherent. We invite You to download them for free, and have a sit on our bench. »
DuBoLoGy – Orange Dub

Paproota.org Dub Netlabel is an online publishing stable, started by members of Jabbadub, which assembles dub bands and producers. It has been functioning resilently since 2009. Paproota.org opens the gate for those who create high-level dub music and want to share it among a huge group of listeners, and also enables the receivers to have an easy access to the works.

Revolutionnary Dub Vibrations – Chapter 3 (2011) => DOWNLOAD
For this third volume, Dub Vibrations proposes again some goods vibes inna dubwise style.For more information about Dub Vibrations, we request you to visit the website of the label: http://dubvibrations.com
Dub Connection : www.dub-connection.net/downloads/release.php?id=4

All the music and artwork is licensed under Creative Commons – some rights reserved.


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